Gilles-Éric Seralini
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Gilles-Éric Seralini

Pollutants Researcher, GMOs Expert, France

Gilles-Éric Seralini

Gilles-Éric Seralini is an international researcher known for his work on the effects of pollutants on health, particularly GMOs and pesticides. He has uncovered significant hidden toxicities in these products and has won legal battles against defamation by lobbies.

About Gilles-Éric Seralini

Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini is a renowned international researcher who specializes in studying the effects of pollution on health, with a specific focus on the hidden and major toxicity of GMOs and pesticides. Throughout his career, he has faced defamation from various lobbies but has successfully won seven court cases against them from 2011 to 2017. Despite ongoing attempts to alter his public profile and coordinate dishonest pressures, Seralini continues his research and advocacy. His official website provides detailed information about his extensive CV, research papers, press news, and seminars in French. He has also been involved in detoxification research and encourages donations for further studies.

Professor Seralini is also the recipient of the 2015 Whistleblower Award from the Federation of German Scientists, and the 2016 Theo Colborn Award for his research on health and environment.

Feel free to explore more about him on his official website.